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The Source for Commercial Real Estate Data in Tulsa & Oklahoma City

Access a fully-researched database of sale/lease availabilities and comps with a suite of powerful tools.

Research performed by ConnectCIE
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A Suite of Commercial Data at Your Fingertips

Integrated with Google Earth, this property-centric technology captures every commercial property in a market, no matter the type or size.

Fully Researched Database

  All commercial properties tracked
  Sale transactions
  Sale/Lease Comparables
  Property Surveys
  Presentation-ready Reports
  Lease Rates
  Retail Tenant Locations
  Ownership Information
  Block-level Demographics


  Search quickly and efficiently by map
  Receive immediate property alerts
  Access details for any property
  Generate one-click reports
  Send broadcast email marketing
  View listing traffic and track leads
  Use any phone or mobile device
  Request research on any property
  Commercial Exchange national exposure

Fully Researched Database

A professional team of researchers tracks and verifies all commercial buildings, providing accurate data.

Suite of Tools

From presentation-ready reports to broadcast email marketing, access a multitude of features within the tool.

National Exposure

Members’ listings automatically elevated to Catylist’s national marketplace, Commercial Exchange.

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